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Hair Loss

Hair is a complex and delicate part of your body. Keeping it healthy and beautiful is a challenge. Here’s a guide that will help you do just that . Hair is cylinder of dead tissue. Damaged hair can never be fully restored to its original condition. The main factor in growth of the hair is the kind of cells that exit in the hair follicles from which the hair grows in the individual person. Each individual hair is also different in one individual .Hair- care products are intended to promote certain favorable conditions of hair and to reduce of eliminate properties of hair, which are regarded as undesirable

Both men and women lose hair for similar reasons. Hair loss in men is often more dramatic, and follows a specific pattern of loss which has been termed “Male Pattern Baldness”. This loss is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Factors for male hair loss include: heredity, hormones, and aging. This may also apply to women but to a lesser degree. Women may experience loss of hair after menopause and 2-3 months after having a baby. Other contributing factors include: poor diet, poor circulation, acute illness, radiation, chemotherapy, high stress, thyroid imbalance, certain drugs, coming off the contraceptive pill, diabetes, high doses of vitamin A (more than 100,000 IU), sudden weight loss, high fever, iron deficiency, ringworm, some fungal infections, chemicals and hair dyes, vitamin deficiencies, and lack of proper nutrition

  • 1. Stress and bodily weakness from overwork.
    2. Dietary imbalances or nutritional deficiency.
    3. Using abrasive shampoos, hair lacquers, dyes and bleaching, etc.
    4. Endocrine disorder.
    5. Genetic factors.
    6. Infectious diseases.
    7. Hormonal metabolic changes in lactating women.
    8. Nutrient and protein deficiencies in the hair
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